Gisu develop homes that people would want to belong to. Home for those with an eye for understated beauty. We also help develop the next generation of ambitious individuals. Our current initiatives include Mellow Tennis Academy and New Dimensions.

Restoration Project
in Kashan, Iran

We are restoring a series of traditional properties in central Kashan, Iran. Bringing renovation insight and architectural delicacy to revive some of the forgotten buildings and inject new life into them.

Mellow Tennis

Mellow Tennis Academy nurtures young talents in the field of tennis. The vision of the academy, however, goes beyond the sport itself. The purpose of the academy is to help children to learn exhibit discipline and become responsible in their private and social lives. The academy promotes collaboration, empathy, and imagination among its members.

New Dimensions
Marrying Property with Sculpture

New Dimensions is a foundation that promotes the art of sculpture within the built environment. We work with emerging and established sculptors and with property developers and architects to unleash the power of sculpture and empower residents to benefit from what art could bring to their daily lives.


Our motto derives from the native Amazonian proverb that we haven’t inherited the land from our fathers, we’ve borrowed it from our children.

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